Commit to Community Association Research

In honor of 50 fabulous years of CAI’s impact on the lives of tens of millions of homeowners living in and working for condominiums, housing cooperatives, and homeowners associations, the Foundation commissioned a unique, limited edition, commemorative pin to celebrate a commitment to community association research. The first 1,000 people who contribute $50 or more to the “Committed to Community Association Research” campaign will receive this limited-edition pin. The artwork with the message “I am Committed” was designed to commemorate 50 years of CAI.

Best Practices Reports

Our brand new report, Maintenance, is designed to help association leaders better understand how a regularly applied maintenance plan and properly funded reserve study can lead to safe, desirable, financially secure community associations.

Supporting Graduate Research

The Foundation supports graduate research and study through the Byron Hanke Fellowship. Explore our fellows’ latest research projects, including Connie Ho’s new report titled Preparing for the Future: Analyzing Wildfire and Community Resilience in Riverside County, California.

New Snap Survey on Rising Costs

Our latest research explores rising costs in community associations. We received more than 1,000 responses on increased expenses, inflation, and plans to address the unexpected increases.

2023 Salary Survey

Calling all Community Managers! Participate in our 2023 Compensation and Benefits Survey and receive free access to downloadable reports.

Housing Predictions for 2023

Review the Foundation for Community Association Research’s housing predictions for 2023.

The Community Association Fact Book

The latest Community Association Fact Book, the most comprehensive compilation of national and state community association data, includes several new components including an interactive map of the U.S.

Creating Harmony in Diverse Communities

New research explores attitudes, practices, and experiences with regard to diversity and discrimination issues, how any issues have been resolved, and recommended practices for reducing issues in community associations.

2022 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey Results

For the ninth time in 17 years, Americans living in homeowners associations and condominiums have told pollsters they are overwhelmingly satisfied in their communities.

Support the Foundation

Thank you for supporting the Foundation for Community Association Research and our mission by making a tax-deductible contribution. Your donation is essential to the continued growth of the Foundation and future research initiatives.

Aging Infrastructure in Community Associations

Breaking Point: Examining Aging Infrastructure in Community Associations examines how aging infrastructures have become critical issues in community associations.

Attracting Talent to the Community Association Management Industry

Our latest research explores the need to increase the pipeline of community association managers and to help inform efforts to find, recruit, mentor, and position community managers for success in their careers.

U.S. National Data, 2021

Population in Community Associations in Millions

Number of Community Associations

Value of Homes in Community Associations in Trillions of Dollars


Population Residing in Community Associations

Support the Foundation with a Tax-Deductible Contribution

Your donation is essential to the continued growth of the Foundation and our future research initiatives.

Mission Statement

The Foundation for Community Association Research provides authoritative research and analysis on community association trends, issues, and operations. Our mission is to foster successful and sustainable communities.

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