Aging Infrastructure

The Aging Infrastructure research project seeks to identify unexpected financial strains that are not identified through traditional reserve studies, but also require long term savings to meet the financial obligations of the community. This research will outline the different approaches that communities have taken when thrust into an emergency situation and the options that were available to them. Our hope is that this data will give communities a road map to examine their own property and identify areas of concern before they reach a critical level.

This project is broken down into three phases.

  • Phase One, which began in early spring 2019, focused on 50 in-depth interviews with volunteer board members and managers. Our focus is on identifying trends either within a geographic region, materials used or what happens when responsibilities shift from municipality to community.
  • Phase Two included a survey and analysis of issues identified in Phase One. Phase Two will began in July 2019.
  • At the end of the first two phases, we will issue a report and anticipate its release in the winter of 2020. At that time, Task Force members will determine how to proceed with Phase Three, which is an assessment of a physical structure. Funding availability plays a big role in the timing of all of our research projects and especially Phase Three of Aging Infrastructures.

Task Force Members

Adrian Adams
Andrew Bateman
Tyler Berding
Pamela Bowman

Skip Daum
Kevin Davis
Dan Denekamp
John Hershey

Joel Meskin
Peter Miller
Robert Nordlund
George Nowack

Henry Puckett
Caroline Record
Robert Riddick
Ellen Shapiro
Marc Tamres

To learn more about this project or to become a funder, please contact Melinda Kelejian at or 703-951-7611.

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