Participate in the 2024 Salary Survey

Community managers are invited to participate in the 2024 Community Association Manager Compensation and Salary Survey by selecting the appropriate button below and logging-in with their email address and password. Managers can return to the survey as often as they like and their progress will be saved. If you provided data last year, use the Copy Prior Year link on each data entry page to pull previous year’s data forward, review, update and save!

Management Professionals*

* Community Management Professionals include the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a Management Company, Management Company Executives, Large-Scale Managers, High-Rise Managers, Onsite Managers, Portfolio Managers, and Assistant Community Managers. To access the survey you will be prompted to log-in with your email address and CAI password.

Once enough data is collected, management professionals who complete the 2024 survey will be able to log into the platform anytime to review the results and download reports into Excel and PowerPoint.

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