2021 Community Association Manager Compensation and Salary Survey

The 2021 Community Association Manager Compensation and Salary Survey, proudly sponsored by The March Group, is now available for purchase as a digital book from CAI Press. By purchasing the digital book you will have immediate access to the online content and you will be able to take it with you wherever you go on your phone, computer, or tablet. View FAQs regarding accessing, downloading, reading, and using the CAI Press digital books platform.

Community managers who have already completed or who wish to complete the salary survey receive complimentary access to the data and reports (not the digital book). For details, see the links and information at the bottom of this page.

The 2021 Community Association Manager Compensation and Salary Survey is the seventh salary survey conducted by the Foundation for Community Association Research since the year 2000. This survey is a valuable tool for benchmarking compensation and benefit levels in the community association industry. Each edition provides an interesting snapshot of the field, and enhances our understanding of this growing and dynamic profession. The information in this survey represents complete, accurate, and up-to-date compensation data on the community association industry. The survey is designed to allow a company or manager to compare their compensation levels with peers.

In addition to providing basic company and manager profile and salary information, the survey includes the following features:

  • Compensation outlook for the community association industry
  • Compensation by job title, presented by regions and states, for management company CEOs, company executives, high-rise managers, onsite managers, portfolio managers, and assistant community managers
  • Compensation by job title, presented by regions and states, for large-scale managers and employees at large-scale communities including the assistant general manager, architectural review manager, business/finance manager, communications/member services/marketing manager, events manager, facilities manager, fitness center manager, grounds manager, human resources manager, IT/computer systems manager, public safety/security chief, and recreation/lifestyle manager
  • Salary differences between managers with and without professional credentials
  • Data based on community association size, in addition to management company size
  • Information on employee benefits, health coverage, and retirement plans
  • Ability to customize and download the data into PowerPoint charts and Excel tables.
  • Much more!

The Foundation for Community Association Research works with community association industry experts to formulate the content and structure of the survey. An outside research firm administers the survey and compiles the data. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at foundation@caionline.org.

Survey Access for Management Professionals

Community managers who complete the survey receive complementary online access to the data and reports. Managers can participate in the survey and access the data and reporting by selecting the appropriate button below and logging-in with their email address and password. Managers can return to the survey as often as they like and their progress will be saved. The results is immediately available upon completion of the survey, and can be filtered and downloaded into PowerPoint and Excel reports.

Management Professionals*

Large-Scale Managers*

* Community Management Professionals include the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a Management Company, Management Company Executives, High-Rise Managers, Onsite Managers, Portfolio Managers, and Assistant Community Managers. To access the survey you will be prompted to log-in with your email address and CAI password.

* Large-scale managers are full-time, on-site employees that manage issues unique to large-scale community associations. A large-scale community is defined as a single, contiguous community association with at least 1,000 acres, 1,000 units, and a budget of at least $2 million dollars. To access the survey you will be prompted to log-in with your email address and a password (to be created by you). You can reset your password anytime by selecting the forgot your password link.

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