Research Agenda

The Foundation for Community Association Research has taken innovative, forward-looking strides to address industry trends that require an investment in substantial research. In the coming year, you can expect to see resources on the following topics, which are part of our Research Agenda.

Manager Engagement

Learn more about our report titled Attracting Talent to the Community Association Management Industry. The Foundation’s goal for this research is to better understand the extent of the need to increase the pipeline of community association managers, and to help inform efforts to find, recruit, mentor, and position community managers for success in their careers.

Creating Harmony in Diverse Communities

The Creating Harmony in Diverse Communities research project surveyed residents about attitudes, practices, and experiences with regard to diversity and discrimination issues, how any issues have been resolved, and recommended practices for reducing issues in community associations.

Aging Infrastructure Research Initiative

The Aging Infrastructure research project seeks to identify unexpected financial strains that are not identified through traditional reserve studies, but also require long term savings to meet the financial obligations of the community. Learn more about this project.

Supporting Graduate Research

Read about the latest industry research being conducted by graduate students through the Foundation’s Byron Hanke Fellowship program.

The Community Association Fact Book

The Community Association Fact Book documents the history, current status, trends, and future issues of U.S. community association housing as well as providing community association information on a state-by-state basis. The Fact Book is a valuable resource, not only for community and association leaders, but also for contacts with government regulators, elected officials, and the media.

Best Practice Reports

We continue to expand our popular series of Best Practice Reports. The Foundation plans to make significant improvements to the existing reports on Developer Transition, Community Security, and develop a new report on High-Rise Management.

Community Association Manager Compensation and Salary Survey

The 2021 Community Association Manager Compensation and Salary Survey includes detailed information on various management positions. This valuable resource informs salary bench marking and other employee benefits.

Technology Use and Data Security
In today’s world, cybersecurity and data protection are of the utmost importance–especially for community associations. We are exploring the topic of common technology practices throughout associations and have retained Strategic Research Partners and Research Now to administer a national survey. This research project is spear-headed by the Foundation’s Think Tank and is of great interest to CAI volunteer homeowner leaders who are navigating emerging technology trends in their own lines of business. The Foundation’s goal is to develop guidelines that will help community association leaders evaluate and shape the decision-making process around technology issues.

On behalf of the Foundation board of directors, leadership, and staff, thanks to everyone who participated in our survey and tested your technology IQ!  We received an overwhelming response and are pleased to share the results of our research.

Smart Water Project
The Foundation’s Smart Water Project is investigating community water use and conservation practices in areas experiencing water restrictions. We are evaluating prospects for using new technology, retrofitting existing systems and increasing use of non-potable water. The initial study focuses on California, with opportunities to replicate it in other areas experiencing water restrictions. Review our Smart Water Project Report.
Benchmarking Survey
The Foundation’s Benchmarking Survey is collecting a baseline of data, which will enable community associations to determine if what they are doing is “normal” or “typical” of the way comparable associations work. To date, over 220 respondents have participated in the survey. Review the survey findings.
Virginia Tech Research Project on Residential Property Values
The Foundation has partnered with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Va., to study how community associations affect property and home values in planned communities. This project is underway and led by Erin Hopkins, visiting assistant professor of property management for Virginia Tech. Read the project findings.

Our ambitious research agenda is made possible through strong volunteer leaders and staff support, but it requires an investment from everyone working and living in community associations. Please consider making a donation and ensure that we continue to accomplish more now than at any time in our 40+year history.

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